Thursday, November 29, 2012

IncrediWorld - The Joyful Labor!

The team (from left to right) : Chee Keong, Pei Yien, Debra, Vency, Jasmine & Dicky. You guys are the greatest VBS teaching team ever!
Working through this IncrediWorld VBS is a lot like giving birth - a lot of painful labor in the preparation phase but once the "baby" is birthed - there is such tremendous joy! My wife and I are so blessed to be working with such an Incredible Team of enthusiastic and committed volunteers - though all of us are doing this for the first time - that sense of passion really overshadow the initial jitters! Interestingly, all the three WOW (World of Wonders) apologetics teaching sessions were led by couples - so, it is true - those who serve together stay strong together as a couple as well!
This is Silas a.k.a. "The Bird Man" - who due to work commitments - was not able to teach during the actual VBS days but he worked tirelessly behind the scene to put together the presentation package. Thanks to Jasmine for buying the many varieties of bird snacks for the Design Day session of IncrediWorld. The kids ended up wanting to "taste" the object lessons more than anything else!
PRAISE THE LORD! - Out of 70 children who attended the VBS, 10 made a first time decision to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! For those of us who are teaching, we experience the power of sharing the Gospel linking the First Adam all the way back to the Last Adam and when the children see the connection between sin, death, suffering and the Cross - we felt like we were on holy ground. We are truly amazed that the God's plan of salvation when presented right from Genesis carries such a strong historical significance that the children could see how it all fits together - the age of the earth, dinosaurs, Noah's flood, the birth, death , resurrection of Christ, etc.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.......
While waiting for their children, parents had an opportunity to purchase books and resources from Answers in Genesis, and we hope that these materials will be a good follow-up for parents to continue on with the needed teaching. Our stock was almost gone at the end of the day!

Finally, it was the handwritten notes from the children during our last teaching session that made such an indelible impression on our hearts. Seeing the impact that the Holy Spirit made upon their tender hearts just made all the sweat and toil so much sweeter! Thank you Lord for this opportunity to be a part of this joyful labor of serving You in Your harvest field. Here are some of the comments :
  • "I have learnt that we should wear Bible Glasses and don't think that dinosaurs are extinct millions of years ago".
  • "God created the world in 6 short days. God is God".
  • "I learned more about God's Word and true science and I enjoy the art and craft".
  • "I learned a lot about God's Word. Thanks a lot for the teaching. God's creation is GREAT!"
  • "I learned a lot about God".
  • "I learned about God's Creation happened 6,000 years ago and not millions of years".
  • "God designed the world full of wonderful things".
  • "I now know where man came from".
  • "I learn that birds use their beaks in different ways".
  • "Amazing!"
  • "I love IncrediWorld!"
  • "Dinosaurs and man are born on day 6".
  • "I learned that dinosaurs were vegetarians".
  • "I hate sin".
  • "I love God. Your Word is truth".
Here's one final testimony from one of the "Park Rangers" - one of the helpers from Metrotabernacle :

Hi Joseph, Debra,

Thanks again for running the IncrediWorld – it’s indeed been a great blessing to the children.  There is this boy, aged 7 (in Stego team), who’s my colleague’s son has accepted the Lord (they’re all Hindu) and even talked about Christ coming to the world to save all to his elder brother (18 years old) and has shared much of what he’d learnt (e.g. creation days) to his Mum and other family members – this I heard this morning from his mum (my colleague)!  He loved the fellowship and friendship and kept asking to come for Sunday (King’s kids) service – they finally relented and sent him for children’s service yesterday!  What an encouragement that a small boy is so convicted of the truth and is able to influence his family members.  I pray that one by one, his family member will come to Christ too!

All glory to our Incredible Creator and God, Jesus Christ! Amen and Amen.

IncrediWorld - The Amazing Kids!

This is the joy and crown of the VBS! All seventy of them! We are grateful to the wonderful team at Metrotabernacle led by Pastor Seok who managed the logistics of the VBS so seamlessly such that the Answers Academy team can focus on the apologetics teaching.

Watching the Incredi-Enthusiastic team from Metrotabernacle leading us in songs set the atmosphere right and got us all excited for the WOW teaching lessons later on. In fact, my daughter - Eunice is still humming and singing the tune even right now - a week after the VBS!
To be honest, I had to draw upon every ounce of available energy from my 44-year old body to keep up with the kids! Am so thankful for my wife who worked tirelessly to double-check the scripts, providing me with all the backup props and giving me helpful advice & suggestions as the day progresses. No wonder God referred to Eve as Adam's "help-meet". Amen!
Now, this is the roller-coaster cheer that once was started - got the kids craving for more!

This is how one of the WOW (World of Wonders) classroom looks like. Plenty of charts and posters to remind children on past lessons. And for this group of older children (10-12 years old), we showed more video clips and engaged them in small group dialog due to their maturity.

IncrediWorld - The Set Up @Metrotabernacle

This was the first sight that greeted us as we enter into the INCREDIWORLD AMAZEMENT PARK! From Nov 22-24, it was an amazing journey for us as we took steps to partner with the Children Church of Metrotabernacle to conduct the first-ever Answers-in-Genesis VBS here in Malaysia!
This Stegosaurus was kindly given by a kindergarten who did a dino-project - we recycled it to create an environment for the Dino Day during the VBS lessons. Children are naturally fascinated with dinosaurs and to show them that the Bible has lots to say about these creatures and how their fossils tie in with the Gospel message of sin and death was really an eye-opening moment for them!
The deco team at Metrotabernacle really went the extra mile and even put in a roller-coaster display to enhance the fun-fair atmosphere of the VBS.
We even had a Q&A box for children with questions to ask - I had such joy to provide answers to questions like - "How could all the animals fit on Noah's Ark?", "How did Job know about the dinosaurs if they died in the flood?", "How did the dinosaurs go extinct?", "Do ghosts exists?", "What about cave men?", etc. I was utterly surprised that the children (aged from 6-12) were all thinking actively about questions on origins - they have been waiting for a moment like this to ask them!

Game stalls, Craft Rooms and also Dino Info Cards plastered in open areas for easy viewing. There is much we can learn about the Creator from His wonderful creation!
Also, we had top-notched classrooms to conduct the WOW (World-of-Wonders) session. The unique approach of this VBS is that the children are divided into three age groups (6-7, 8-9, 10-12) where we can tailor the apologetics teaching relevant to their understanding. As you shall see in the later blog postings, these teaching sessions are key to opening up their hearts to the Gospel message.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

First-Ever AiG VBS in Malaysia (IncrediWorld 2012)!

We are thrilled to be a part of the inaugural creation-themed VBS (Vacation Bible School) at MetroTabernacle next month (Nov 22-24)! Through the leadership support from Pastor Nancy and Pastor Seok, we are grateful for the wonderful team of children church leaders that we are working with - not to mention the local Answers Academy team as well. We look forward to a wonderful and faith-building ride ahead - stay tuned...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fellowship with a World Record Holder

Had a wonderful time of dinner fellowship with Benny Prasad - world record holder of being the person who traveled to the most number of countries in the shortest possible time. Check this out :

He was such a blessing to the All-Asian Conference 2011 last year - Thanks Dr.Crandall for connecting us to this humble servant of Jesus Christ. It is not everyday that you meet an artist with inward values that matches his outward performance. By having a spirit of excellence in our gifts, we then have a credible platform for sharing the Gospel. Keep shining, Benny!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creation Seminar Part 2 & 3 @Grace Assembly Klang (11, 18 September)

Concluded two more sessions at Grace Klang covering topics of the Global Flood, Dinosaurs and the Origins of Mankind. One thing I really enjoy about the historical accounts in Genesis - it generates lots of participation and questions! What I have learnt so far about conducting Creation Seminars is that it must be more conversational in nature rather than direct one-way preaching. Come, let us reason together.....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creation Seminar Part 1 @Grace Assembly Klang (4 September)

Many thanks to Pastor Ronald and his leadership at Grace Assembly Klang for inviting us for a series of Basic Creation Seminar to be conducted over three Tuesday evenings. For the first topic - the focus was on the importance of the right starting point and how evolution is more than just an intellectual issue - it is actually a justification for a lifestyle that proclaims freedom from the One True Creator. We had fun!

Homeschooling Family Trip @Benum Hill Resort (30 August)

As part of the World Studies Club activities amongst homeschooling families, we attended a 3 day 2 night teambuilding camp at Benum Hill Resort in Pahang. During the first evening, we were given the opportunity to do a presentation for the children with the title - "Dinosaurs - Have We Been Brainwashed?" Dinosaurs are such a connecting tool to communicate Biblical truth about death, sin and most importantly the Gospel solution!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Basic Creation Seminar @Kajang AOG (26 August)

We had an amazing Sunday at Kajang AOG from 2.30-5.30pm with an overwhelming group of about 170 people who came with plenty of interest (and questions) in the area of Creation Apologetics. The one main motivating concern is this : How are we equipping the younger generation to stand firm in an information age where all sorts of worldviews are being "preached" each day through popular media? The Basic Creation Seminar addresses this issue by establishing the full authority of the Bible as a reliable historical account of origins right from the very first verse!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goal Setting @Haggai Institute Seminar in Penang

Am privileged to be conducting my third session of "Goal-Setting & Evangelism" with the Haggai Institute Alumni Association of Malaysia here in Penang. Every time I lead in this topic, it is such a fresh reminder to myself as to whether if I am still walking (and running) close to the vision which God has revealed to me (Habakkuk 2:2). The word of God is true - "he that waters shall be watered also himself" (Proverbs 11:25).

18 graduates from 5 countries (Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore & Thailand)! Proudly displaying their certificate of completion during the graduation night. Great job from the Penang Chapter of the Haggai Institute Alumni!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Basic Creation Seminar @Glad Tidings Klang (4 August)

Our deep felt appreciation to Pastor Vin and her team for putting together an extraordinary effort in organizing the 3-hour Basic Creation Seminar at Glad Tidings Klang. We had over 160 people who came - comprising adults, youth and children. The hunger to learn the connection between Scripture and the world of Science and History and around us is amazing - certainly God has designed us with a need for intellectual integrity!
With every seminar conducted, I am so grateful for the team that have worked hard behind the scene - helping with the resource sale, answering questions, providing powerful prayer support and also by just being there - every volunteer who turns up is such a joyful encouragement!
As we serve, we look forward to the training of the younger generation who will serve along side with us and be build up in their faith to stand up the authority of Scripture - starting from the very first verse!