Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Sharing in Singapore (16 June)

At the invitation of Lawerence and Regina Fong - who is part of an established homeschooling network in Singapore, we had the opportunity to present a short talk in their home entitled - "Spotting Lies in Textbooks". The parents and children who turned up are part of the group who have been attending a week long speech and debate camp organized by Ethos (a group specializing in training Christian young people in their speaking, debating and thinking skills). Having homes like that of the Fongs opened up for ministry and fellowship is reminiscent of how the early church started in the Book of Acts. Perhaps, it is time for families to reclaim their home as a center for ministry!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Young Adult Session at DUMC (1 June)

As part of the monthly HiYA (Highly Influential Young Adult) event in Damansara Methodist Utama Church (DUMC), we were invited back for the third time to speak. This time round we dealt with the age of the earth and the how Noah's flood washes away the millions of years. The greatest reward I get from such sessions is contained in a typical feedback - "Thanks for bringing such clarity to the Word of God. I now see the Bible's history with more confidence and how it all connects with the world around me."

Confidence in the authority of Scripture beginning with Genesis will spark off all sorts of enthusiasm in other areas including discipleship and evangelism. On a lighter note, I am grateful for my family - willing to stay back late - even if it means creating a makeshift rest on the chair!

Amazing Response Part Three (31 May)

This is the final session at Grace Assembly Petaling Jaya when we concluded with the topic of "Human Origins and One Race". Unlike a normal church service, we appreciate the high degree of interaction and participation - from both young and old. It's amazing to see how interested people are with regards to where we come from and how science catches up with Scripture when it comes to matters of human origins. The media is not short in telling us the story of evolution and "cave-men" but is the church providing a credible and Biblical alternative?