Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creation Seminar Part 2 & 3 @Grace Assembly Klang (11, 18 September)

Concluded two more sessions at Grace Klang covering topics of the Global Flood, Dinosaurs and the Origins of Mankind. One thing I really enjoy about the historical accounts in Genesis - it generates lots of participation and questions! What I have learnt so far about conducting Creation Seminars is that it must be more conversational in nature rather than direct one-way preaching. Come, let us reason together.....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creation Seminar Part 1 @Grace Assembly Klang (4 September)

Many thanks to Pastor Ronald and his leadership at Grace Assembly Klang for inviting us for a series of Basic Creation Seminar to be conducted over three Tuesday evenings. For the first topic - the focus was on the importance of the right starting point and how evolution is more than just an intellectual issue - it is actually a justification for a lifestyle that proclaims freedom from the One True Creator. We had fun!

Homeschooling Family Trip @Benum Hill Resort (30 August)

As part of the World Studies Club activities amongst homeschooling families, we attended a 3 day 2 night teambuilding camp at Benum Hill Resort in Pahang. During the first evening, we were given the opportunity to do a presentation for the children with the title - "Dinosaurs - Have We Been Brainwashed?" Dinosaurs are such a connecting tool to communicate Biblical truth about death, sin and most importantly the Gospel solution!