Sunday, January 15, 2012

Character Goals to Last a Lifetime

We were invited to share in the Sunday Service of Grace EFC (Subang Jaya) today by Pastor Ben Skadiang on the topic "Character Goals to Last a Lifetime". Instead of the usual goal-setting, new year resolution type of message, I chose to focus on the critical need for parents to rise up to their call of addressing the potential curse of Malachi 4:6 where the hearts of the next generation is no longer turned to following the faith of their fathers. By choosing to remain passive, there is now arising a generation of young people who no longer "look" like their parents - with values and worldviews that are drastically different.

There are four points for a proper character-based education for our children (ref : Dr.Karl Coke) :
  1. Provides competency for employment.
  2. Provides morality for proper society.
  3. Provides authority for order.
  4. Provides absolutes to anchor life's decisions.
As parents, are we sacrificing our children on the altar of academic pursuits while neglecting the foundation of their faith? Wisdom, not intellect is the goal of for every parent. Here's the definition of a worthwhile character goal for every parent - "when there is such a bonding between the hearts of the fathers and their children that the next generation is inspired to follow the faith of their parents." (Gen 6:1-3, Exo 20:12).

p/s : Eunice was such an active sales-person for the book counter!