Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Initiative of Dicky @FGCC (28 July)

Appreciate the efforts of Dicky Sudrajah, an elder at FGCC (Fresh Generation Community Church) in Sunway who spearheaded a series of classes based on the Demolishing Strongholds video package from Answers in Genesis. It is heartening to see the young people coming back week after week to gain confidence that Scripture does give a logical worldview on issues of origins and history. Keep up the good work Dicky!
A personal gift of books for Dicky to further his study in the Creation Apologetics ministry! May the Lord establish the work of his hands as he continue to work with the next generation of leadership at FGCC.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Parenting Talk @Royal Klang Club (30 June)

Did a 1-hour plus talk on "Seasons of Parenting" at the Royal Klang Club - organized by Bethany Chapel Klang as part of their community outreach efforts. Had a really, fun interactive time with all who came. A timely reminder that while we exercise leadership in the marketplace, why are we not exercising it at home? For more information about upcoming parenting workshops, go to : http://www.goodmonday.com/parenting.html

Bible vs Science? @Subang Jaya AG Young Adults (29 June)

Bible vs Science - this is a popular misconception where many think that to believe in the Bible is to take a stand that is anti-intellectual. Far from it! Though a small group, we appreciate the opportunity to speak to young adults at Subang Jaya AG where we made an emphatic claim that Science and Scripture is not at odds at each other. It is the humanistic philosophy of man that is at the root of contention! So much of what is disguised as science are actually humanistic, anti-God presupposition and worldview.