Sunday, June 10, 2018

Meeting Teachers at the Seed Learning Center (7 June 2018)

We spent the morning at Seed Learning Center and it is refreshing to talk about education from a Biblical perspective. Real education should lead to the renewal of our minds (Rom 12:1-2) that leads to the worship of our Creator. Bryan gave a presentation - Quick Answers to Tough Questions. I like this presentation - a quick bulleted format to answer commonly asked questions,.

We as teachers ought to keep in view our task to lead the students to a renewal of their mind towards the truth of Scripture or else, the mind will be "moldy" - conformed to the mold and standards of the world. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Arrival of David & Bryan from Answers in Genesis (AiG)

It's great to touch base with David Chakranarayan in Malaysia since he took over Steve Ham's role of Director of International Outreach.  Together with him is Bryan Osborne - the curriculum specialist from AiG. They swung by KL after attending the All Asian Creation Conference in Okinawa, Japan.

Our first touch point is with the pastoral team of CDPC (City Discipleship Presbyterian Church) and we had a healthy exchange of ideas, perspectives and our faith journey. We are encouraged by Pastor Wong's starting point to stand on the absolute authority of Scripture. Looking forward to the June 9 and June 10 seminars at CDPC.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

ALCT Bandung Day-4 (11 April 2015)

Dicky is all set to launch into the Astronomy session with the "moral support" from Danny Faulkner in the background. We were also pleased to have Pak Daniel, a Physics lecturer to come and share with the class on why the Big Bang is not a viable model to explain the origins of the universe. Praise God for the variety of talents and experience we have in the class.

The above is a sampling of the output of the various group discussions and we are pleased with the way that the participants have processed and presented their learning.

James is ready to go on the "How do we know the Bible is true?" session with Tim Chaffey in the background.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

ALCT Bandung Day-3 (10 April 2015)

We are very encouraged by the presentation from the discussion groups which shows their level of understanding of what is taught. The above chart shows their discernment in drawing out what are the facts (observational science) and what are interpretation (historical science).

When Dicky presented the topic of radiometric dating, we had the privilege of a Physics lecturer who volunteered to bring further clarification on why the radiometric dating results in a large variation with even the slightest variable change. We are grateful for such a divine serendipity!

Friday, April 10, 2015

ALCT Bandung Day-2 (9 April 2015)

On the far right is Yogas from the organizing committee - our key logistics coordinator who is super-efficient in getting things organized. It is amazing to have someone like him to look into the operational details while we focus on the training sessions.

For this second day, the crowd is now more "warmed up" and the session facilitated by Dicky was very interactive with a free flow of questions being asked. Although the topic was on "After Its Kind - Evolution & Natural Selection", the most active discussions were around the concept of worldviews.

We had a teacher who brought along the two textbooks for discussion and lo and behold, we discovered that the Biology textbook itself states its worldview at the very onset. Now, if a secular book is not ashamed in stating its worldview, then why should we be?

We had three different case studies today - dealing with concepts of mutation, evolutionary bias, and circular reasoning.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

First Ever ALCT (Answers Leadership Certification Training) - 8 March 2015

We are thankful for the support given by Answers International, the arm of Answers in Genesis that is solely focused on supporting the global mission of the church by equipping Christians around the world in Creation apologetics and evangelism. Through the encouragement given by Steve Ham and his team, we are now finally conducting the first ever Answers Leadership Certification Training (ALCT) in Bandung, Indonesia. Many thanks to Dicky Sudrajad - our key team member from Indonesia who has tireless worked to coordinate with the many parties in Bandung to make this vision a reality. In addition to conducting creation seminars and training, the key strategy of Answers Academy now is to conduct at least one ALCT event in every major country in Asia with the strategy of certifying and multiplying leaders who are key influence-makers in their respective field. Here in Bandung, we have 25 representing 4 educational institutions and 5 churches. In addition, we also have 16 observers who will be attending the training but not be part of the certification process.

After the opening remarks from Steve Ham on the pressing need for creation apologetics to meet the skeptical questions of our time. With most of the leaders present being from the education field and youth ministry, they are certainly excited about our next 5 days together in this ALCT certification journey.

A distinctive feature of ALCT is that we have group case studies and discussions to train the leaders in articulating their defense of the authority of Scripture. For example, in last night's session - our group case study was an extract from "Sejarah Indonesia" - the local Indonesian history textbook which stated that religion and science do not mix. We had a really good discussion and it was so encouraging to see each group presenting back to us on what they have learned about topics like worldview, observational/historical science, starting points, etc. 

What a joy it is to see the demonstration of clear thinking about origins and finally how it all leads on to a more impactful presentation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!


StrengthsQuest Coaching (14 Sept 2013)

Conducted the inaugural session of StrengthsQuest Coaching for teenagers aged 15-19 years old. The purpose of this workshop is to help teenagers make discerning career and life decisions by first understanding their God-given talents. We made it compulsory for at least one the parents to come - in this way, the strengths-coaching relationship is continued on even after the workshop is over. We had fun! What made it especially meaningful was when we saw the authentic, heart-felt conversations that took place between parent and teenager. Priceless!

For more information on StrengthsQuest:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Homeschooling ABCs at Hope EFC (4 August 2013)

We are grateful to the leadership of David Tan from Hope EFC for organizing "Homeschooling ABCs" a dialog session with parents who are contemplating on the possibility of homeschooling. Together with two other speakers (David included), we presented on the role the father plays in teaching the Christian Worldview at home. Tremendously encouraged by the leadership of Hope EFC who state clearly their open support for homeschooling and their commitment to encourage this option for its members.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Viewing (28 July 2013)

As a follow-up to the Homeschooling Introduction meeting in Dicky's home a few weeks ago, we had a gathering in our home to showcase the materials that we have been using to educate both our daughters at home. Really appreciate my wife for being such a capable organizer and teacher! Looking back, we are grateful for God's amazing grace which saw us through the ups and downs for the past 6 years that we have been on this home education path. Certainly, no regrets!

I shared on the role of the father to teach the following : Character, Apologetics and Life Purpose.

Apologetics Sermon @River of Life Sanctuary (28 July 2013)

We were invited to speak during the Sunday Service of River of Life Sanctuary (RLS) - spoke on the topic of "Building a Biblical Worldview". How did this invitation come about? Well - the senior pastor's nine year old grandson (residing in Australia) attended a Creation Camp and came home all excited. And this excitement spread to the grandma! So, we are indeed living in a connected world!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Homeschooling "INDOCTRINATION" Talk (14 July 2013)

 My wife and I facilitated the viewing of "INDOCTRINATION" - a hard-hitting documentary movie on the state of public education for a group of young parents. There is really no such thing as neutrality in education and the schools have an easier time nowadays to influence the young ones because we parents are too busy with the world rather than shaping their worldview. How can the next generation rise up to be mighty in Spirit if this generation of parents sit down idly and surrender our children to the pagan education system?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Youth Camp @First Baptist Church Kuching (25-27 March 2013)

Glad to be back in Kuching for another Creation-based Youth Camp - this time, I am not alone - I have my family with me! As usual, the first order of the day upon touch-down is to head for as much of the local food fare as possible - storing up enough energy to interact with the young people later on! We are so appreciate of the hospitality and fellowship of the Wong family from First Baptist Church who took really good care of all of us.

When we opened up the whiteboard as a place for them to "post-it" any questions - we were surprised at the barrage of questions that came - not only about creation but about theology and life as well. Indeed, there was a lot of pent-up questions and doubts which needed clarification. Am grateful for Brother Ho Chwen who helped with the Bahasa translation - especially during the small group discussions.
"Now, I truly believe!" - testimonies like this really bring a warmth to your heart and make this trip tremendously worthwhile. All the Pocket Guides were sold out - as the youth now are on fire to share their faith and be ready with answers for a skeptical world.
Am so thankful for my wife and daughters - there were such a great help in the small group discussions and personal conversations. They are the ones that add the personal touch to this whole trip. Well done, ladies!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Demolishing Strongholds (16 February 2013)

This is Dicky Sudrajad - our fellow Answers Academy team member who has taken initiative to conduct the  Demolishing Strongholds DVD curriculum for young people. From 16 February onward, for a total of 6 weekly sessions, he is now into his "second season" of conducting this program. If you are interested to run this program for your church youth group, feel free to email Dicky at

Well done Dicky!