Friday, April 10, 2015

ALCT Bandung Day-2 (9 April 2015)

On the far right is Yogas from the organizing committee - our key logistics coordinator who is super-efficient in getting things organized. It is amazing to have someone like him to look into the operational details while we focus on the training sessions.

For this second day, the crowd is now more "warmed up" and the session facilitated by Dicky was very interactive with a free flow of questions being asked. Although the topic was on "After Its Kind - Evolution & Natural Selection", the most active discussions were around the concept of worldviews.

We had a teacher who brought along the two textbooks for discussion and lo and behold, we discovered that the Biology textbook itself states its worldview at the very onset. Now, if a secular book is not ashamed in stating its worldview, then why should we be?

We had three different case studies today - dealing with concepts of mutation, evolutionary bias, and circular reasoning.

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