Thursday, April 9, 2015

First Ever ALCT (Answers Leadership Certification Training) - 8 March 2015

We are thankful for the support given by Answers International, the arm of Answers in Genesis that is solely focused on supporting the global mission of the church by equipping Christians around the world in Creation apologetics and evangelism. Through the encouragement given by Steve Ham and his team, we are now finally conducting the first ever Answers Leadership Certification Training (ALCT) in Bandung, Indonesia. Many thanks to Dicky Sudrajad - our key team member from Indonesia who has tireless worked to coordinate with the many parties in Bandung to make this vision a reality. In addition to conducting creation seminars and training, the key strategy of Answers Academy now is to conduct at least one ALCT event in every major country in Asia with the strategy of certifying and multiplying leaders who are key influence-makers in their respective field. Here in Bandung, we have 25 representing 4 educational institutions and 5 churches. In addition, we also have 16 observers who will be attending the training but not be part of the certification process.

After the opening remarks from Steve Ham on the pressing need for creation apologetics to meet the skeptical questions of our time. With most of the leaders present being from the education field and youth ministry, they are certainly excited about our next 5 days together in this ALCT certification journey.

A distinctive feature of ALCT is that we have group case studies and discussions to train the leaders in articulating their defense of the authority of Scripture. For example, in last night's session - our group case study was an extract from "Sejarah Indonesia" - the local Indonesian history textbook which stated that religion and science do not mix. We had a really good discussion and it was so encouraging to see each group presenting back to us on what they have learned about topics like worldview, observational/historical science, starting points, etc. 

What a joy it is to see the demonstration of clear thinking about origins and finally how it all leads on to a more impactful presentation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!


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