Friday, July 19, 2013

Youth Camp @First Baptist Church Kuching (25-27 March 2013)

Glad to be back in Kuching for another Creation-based Youth Camp - this time, I am not alone - I have my family with me! As usual, the first order of the day upon touch-down is to head for as much of the local food fare as possible - storing up enough energy to interact with the young people later on! We are so appreciate of the hospitality and fellowship of the Wong family from First Baptist Church who took really good care of all of us.

When we opened up the whiteboard as a place for them to "post-it" any questions - we were surprised at the barrage of questions that came - not only about creation but about theology and life as well. Indeed, there was a lot of pent-up questions and doubts which needed clarification. Am grateful for Brother Ho Chwen who helped with the Bahasa translation - especially during the small group discussions.
"Now, I truly believe!" - testimonies like this really bring a warmth to your heart and make this trip tremendously worthwhile. All the Pocket Guides were sold out - as the youth now are on fire to share their faith and be ready with answers for a skeptical world.
Am so thankful for my wife and daughters - there were such a great help in the small group discussions and personal conversations. They are the ones that add the personal touch to this whole trip. Well done, ladies!

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